Why is Clash of Clans so popular?

Clash of Clans is a freemium video game designed for mobile phones that have got gamers glued to the screens ever since it was released in the year 2012. The game is one of the most downloaded on both Android and my phone. The company which had developed the game makes revenue in millions per day. There are many reasons as to why Clash of Clans is very popular among gamers. The reasons are listed below:

Make new friends across the globe

There are many who have confessed that they have made friends from across the globe. The ones who are too shy to even talk to others can meet potential new people from various corners of the world using this gaming platform.

Coordination between your fingers and head

The game increases the coordination between your fingers and head, it makes sure that you stay very active for most of the time. You have to be very sharp and observing to save your troops from the attacks of outsiders.

Makes one think critically

The game actually makes you think critically to frame the strategy. There have been instances where the player would have played only for 1.5 hours but would have spent more than 3 hours just to think of the strategy using which he should attack.

The feeling of success and satisfaction

The game provides one with an amazing feeling of satisfaction of having safeguarded their clans. The graphics used in the game are so attractive and simple that even a 5-year-old can understand. The UI/UX design of the game is simply awesome. The units and special spells, for which I used a coc hack to get anyway, are gorgerous!

Can make you forget social networking

The game is designed to interact with fellow humans. Unlike the other games, where the players do not get a chance to interact with the fellow players of the team, this game makes sure that the players chitchat in between the sessions. Thus, it serves as a dual role of a social networking site as well as a gaming site. This makes the players even forget to log into their social media platforms.

No restart, No advertisements

The game is developed to be continuous in nature. Once you start playing this game, you would find that there is no restart to the game nor there are advertisements that pop up every now and then. A restart option is what pisses off the gamers. The developers have done a great job in eliminating that option.

Very engaging and constantly improving

There is no end to constant improvement. The game is so engaging and it never ends. One can keep upgrading, attacking and expanding their empire on and on. The idea of upgrading every time and the plan made to attack for the resources is what makes the players hooked on to the game.

Thus, it is very evident that the developers of this game have researched a lot before they had developed this game. The idea of including great features and eliminating boring features of the past record of the game is what has made this game a super hit and popular among all age groups.