Queries related to growtopia

The world of creativity is continuously expanding with the game of growtopia. This game was created by the Robinson Technologies and it doesn’t have many complexities like other games. Here the player will be allowed for building their own world and decorate them according to their need.

The concept of growtopia is standing on planting, splicing, seeds, building the custom world, collecting gems, making the proper place so that the friends can inhabit there. At the beginning of the game, the player will need to keep digging the dirt for getting seeds and after he has enough seeds he will need to plant the seeds and wait for it to become ready for harvesting. Then they will have to punch those trees for breaking them down for getting rewarded with gems. This is how the game will continue right from the beginning.

Questions related to growtopia

How to get clothes?

For getting the clothes you will have to collect them just like the items. You can also purchase them from the stores in exchange for the gems.

Do this game contains chest?

This game doesn’t contain any kind of chest in it and the items will not despawn in this game. After securing a location all you have to do is drop items when you are in need of storage.

How to use the door for blocking the wall?

When you will be blocking the house entrance all you have to do is combine the doors seed with the dungeon door seeds. You can also use the dead spikes with the dungeon door for getting the similar function but with a slight difference in aesthetics. All these items won’t allow players to link with other doors in the world but they can easily pass through the items.

What is the need for locking the world?

It is very important to lock the world of growtopia because there are other players who can easily steal your possessions. It also keeps the hooligans at bay and you should always keep a lock in your world by buying it from the stores.

What happens when you keep digging?

If you keep digging the world you will reach the last where you can find that the place is filled with lava or rocks. Make sure you are not stepping on this lava because you will immediately die if you do that so you will have to move the blocks very carefully at this places. If you keep digging, you can also get more seeds and rare items, you can also get them by using tools such as thatgamehack.

It is very important to continuously dig the soil for getting seeds. Every tree will have different time variations for getting harvested so you will need to keep yourself digging for getting more chance. In growtopia, one will be benefited with different items and features once they accomplish the previous stages and they can also use the growtopia cheats for gaining of resources like gems. But it is recommended not to completely depend on these cheats and create a strategy of their own. While using the cheats makes sure you trust a reliable site.