MegaMan Battle Network 2

Now this video game is the second of six. Now that you learned how too use battle chips it gets a bit more complicated. The way you use battle chips is different in this one then the first one, and the storyline itself is different. That doesn’t mean that this was a bad game at all.

This game though it doesn’t follow the same storyline as the first one, it has all of his friends and such from the first one. The battle chips not only use a different system like I said earlier, but have different power levels and combinations then the first one too. When I say power levels I mean power levels, because see each chip has its own power level, and I believe in this game the chips overall power level is a little higher then the first one.

Anyway, this game starts out with Lan in school, and it is his last day before vacation. When you talk to one of your friends he tells you about the square, but this square isn’t in the real world it is on the net. You sign up have a blast and find out the real deal behind it. You can only get access to certain places on the net though your ranking I believe. These rankings are in the forum of licenses. You have to get all the was from Z to A.

There are only four so don’t worry. Z is the lowest and A is the highest. The licenses go as followed: Z, C, B, A, I believe. This game I guess I would give it a eight out of ten. I mean don’t get me wrong it did have a good storyline, but to me it lacked somewhat.

Personally I liked the first one a whole lot better then this one, but this one was still good. To me it seemed like they were taking a little break from the WWW, which they did without messing up the game to much. I mean do not get me wrong this game did real good for a game that is suppose to relate too the other five of its kind, but it could have done so much better I believe.

Like I said before all of the friends and everything is basically the same, there is just no WWW organization. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this maybe be the game that needs to be in the mix of other games to make the storyline make since in the end.