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Seven New Smartphones. Same Old RIM

Research In Motion CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis discussed the future plans for the company with shareholders. The company has been increasingly losing market share to Android based phones as well as to Iphones. In terms of consumer market share by operating system, Android (36%) appears to be pulling way ahead of RIM Blackberry (23%) and Apple iOS (26%) according to the Neilson company.

Canada’s RIM no longer has the best hardware or operating system. They have lost their dominance over the Smartphone industry. RIM’s co-chairs tried to address recent concerns to shareholders. They shared plans for RIM to launch seven new BlackBerry Smarphones that will feature a revolutionary new operating system.

However, these plans may be more of the same from the company. BlackBerry OS 7 isn’t revolutionary and not on par with Apple’s iOS 5 or with Google’s upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Nor will the BB OS 7 support flash or Android Apps. The solutions suggested by the CEOs do not show initiative to change. As suggested by Lazaridis the new bold “jumps a generation”, yet will remain generations behind competing phones such as the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Much like Nokia, RIMs inability to take risks and change is bringing about their slow but steady decline. Google and Apple are both modern companies oozing with creativity from top to bottom. Letters have been published where RIM employees complain of a corporate culture where “It can take weeks of time to make small changes, and months to make major ones” and where “no one is accountable […] we will never achieve excellence with this culture.”

BlackBerry consumers often complain about the lack of apps which limit the functionality of the phone in comparison to Androids and iPhones. The letters also indicate this issue as it states , “We urgently need to invest like we never have before in becoming developer friendly” and that, “Developing for BlackBerry is painful […]Our SDK / development platform is like a rundown 1990’²s Ford Explorer. Then there’s Apple, which has a shiny new BMW M3”.

RIM’s seven new Smartphone’s running on BlackBerry OS 7 will bring forth some excitement and even moderate profit as loyal users will continue using their products. However, many will be disappointed again by the shortcomings. There is no doubt that RIM still has the capacity to change. Even though, stock prices are not what they used to be (2008: $148 / 2011: $27), RIM is still a marginally lucrative and profitable company. They are fortunate in having the financial resources to bring about change.

They need to ditch there gambles on BlackBerry OS 7 and focus on a new, QNX-powered superphone. QNX should be RIM’s future direction. QNX’s realtime operating system will allow their Smartphones to utilize an emulator to run Android apps. A QNX powered BlackBerry will allow users access to nearly all the same applications as their competitors while minting the phone off with the feel and conventionality of a traditional BlackBerry Smartphone. There is much optimism regarding RIM’s use of QNX. They have the capacity and capability to make it a reality. Anything short of a QNX powered Smartphone is a waste of time and they are only going to continue losing market share to superior competitors.


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8 Ball Pool: Introduction to Cues

Cues are a crucial element of 8 Ball Pool as you can’t play billiards without one. The game provides the players with an assortment of cues which are unique in the material used to craft them and also come in different shapes and sizes.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the cues available in the game. So, if you’re just starting out and not quite sure as to which cue will be the better choice for you, this article will make that decision easier for you.

How to purchase cues?

In the beginning, you’re provided with a Beginner Cue by the game. The Beginner Cue does a pretty decent job of helping you commence your pool career. But once you’ve gained some experience and wanted to win more games, you need to purchase a new cue to keep up. You can purchase a new cue from the Pool Shop by selecting the tab titled ‘Cues’ to look at the wide range of cues the app has to offer.

The cues can be classified into three categories based on their medium of purchase:

Standard Cues: These cues can be easily purchased with Pool Coins. There are currently 54 Standard Cues available for the players to choose from.

Premium Cues: Unlike the Standard Cues, Premium Cues possess better stats and require lower funds to recharge. They can be purchased with Pool Cash. At the moment, 32 Premium Cues are available in the game and you can only get them with coins from 8 ball pool hack ios.

Country Cues: Country Cues can also be obtained with the use of Pool Cash, but they’re more expensive (starting at 40 Pool Cash) than the Premium Cues. Currently, the game offers as many as 60 Country Cues in the Pool Shop for the players to purchase.

Cues with Powers

Initially, there was no way to find out which cue was better suited to a particular situation. But all that changed after an update in 2014 when Miniclip introduced a new feature titled ‘Cues with Powers.’

‘Cues with Powers’ make it incredibly easy for the player to determine which cue should be used in what situation.

While browsing through the list of cues in the shop, you will notice that each cue has four different attributes mentioned on the right-hand side of the screen. These are indicated by four bars marked with green. Therefore, each cue comes with unique statistics which makes it better suited to a particular shot than others. To give you a better idea of how these different attributes can affect your shot, they are described in details below:

Spin: This refers to the amount of spin you can add to your shot.

Aim: While taking a shot, each cue displays an aim-line to the players. This attribute determines the length of that aim-line.

Force: This refers to the amount of force you use on the ball.

Time: This indicates the amount of time you have to take a shot.

It is very important to select your cue by keeping these four attributes in mind.

This article provides an in-depth introduction to cues, and we hope that it will significantly increase your knowledge about the app.

How to Become a Smartphone Ninja

We’ve all seen them. They’re the highly productive ones in the office who sit at their computer and dance around their keyboards. They jump between programs with the flick of a finger. They cut and copy. They paste and pivot. All with the greatest of ease.

They’re the ones you go to when you’re having computer problems and you’re a bit envious that they get things done twice as quickly as you. If only you’d learned those tips, tricks and shortcuts…

Now, apply the same scenario to your smartphone.

In some ways the smartphone is replacing the PC and is well on its way to being the most-used device in human history. Think how many times you pull your phone out of your pocket to check the time, text someone, make a call, queue up some music, look at a map or check Facebook. The smartphone has replaced the calculator, the diary, the MP3 player, the media player, the GPS and the list is growing.

Think how good it would be if you could master your phone like those computer literate people have mastered their computers. Here are some examples to illustrate the point:

– On iPhones, did you know you can leave out the .com when entering URLs?
– On newer Nokia phones, did you know you can remotely lock your phone if it has been stolen?
– On Blackberrys, did you know there are dozens of keyboard shortcuts to save you time?

There are plenty of ways to learn these hidden tips and tricks. Here is a quick list:

– Read the manual, although this one’s a bit tedious!
– Browse discussion forums – Google search your phone name + the word “forum”
– Search Youtube for your phone name and the words “tips and tricks”
– Ask as friend that owns the same phone. They’re usually happy to show off their knowledge
– Simply play with your phone. Explore it’s menus. You won’t break it I promise
– The best method, however is to browse a dedicated tips and tricks website, like Phone Tips and Tricks who have compiled hundreds of tips for dozens of phones

Give the above list a try. You’ll really notice the productivity boost you’ll get when you really master your phone and learn to use it properly and efficiently.