5 Video Game Movies that Are as Kick-Ass as the Games They’re Made From

Video game movies are usually synonymous with bad movies, but although most games gone “box office” are true to this stereotype, there are several game movies that fit the bill. Following are 5 very good movies based on very good games.
Mortal Kombat (1995)

The Mortal Kombat movie did several things very well; it combined the awesomeness of 90’s sweaty action with senseless punching and kicking and stayed relatively loyal to the Mortal Kombat game’s story line. The Mortal Kombat movie had relatively nice graphics, considering that it was made in 1995, and in addition to being a great action driven movie, the Mortal Kombat movie gave birth to one of the most epic video game anthems ever; the Mortal Kombat Theme Song.

Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie (1994)

Despite the countless horrible Street Fighter movies that came by way of bad Street Fighter game adaptations (and greed,) Street Fighter fans finally got a game movie they could rave about in the form of Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie. Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie was an action packed anime Street Fighter adaptation of epic proportions. Not only did Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie stay within the realms of Street Fighter lore, it also shed light on Ken and Ryu’s path and the corrupted Akuma.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)

After watching Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within, I just about lost faith in Final Fantasy team’s ability to create cinema… until I was introduced to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Before Advent Children I’ve never seen a movie with better CG and everything else about this movie was on point. Advent Children had a very compelling story, kickass action, and features lots of cameos from our most beloved Final Fantasy VII characters.

Tron: Legacy (2010)

Unlike most of these other movies that had prequels that bombed, I actually rather enjoyed the original Tron movie – In fact, I wondered if the latest Tron installment would be able to hold up to the original. Tron is a pretty basic video game, but it’s an all-time favorite and the latest Tron movie more than justifies its right alongside the original Tron movie and game – and added another dimension to the Tron franchise.

Everything Resident Evil

While most video game movies are notorious for shoveling out complete crap, Resident Evil movies are revered as great movies all around. Much like the Resident Evil games, the Resident Evil movies are suspenseful, filled with action, and never disappoint. Resident Evil is likely the only game movie series that is guaranteed to be a box office smash – and for good reasons.

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