Queries related to growtopia

The world of creativity is continuously expanding with the game of growtopia. This game was created by the Robinson Technologies and it doesn’t have many complexities like other games. Here the player will be allowed for building their own world and decorate them according to their need.

The concept of growtopia is standing on planting, splicing, seeds, building the custom world, collecting gems, making the proper place so that the friends can inhabit there. At the beginning of the game, the player will need to keep digging the dirt for getting seeds and after he has enough seeds he will need to plant the seeds and wait for it to become ready for harvesting. Then they will have to punch those trees for breaking them down for getting rewarded with gems. This is how the game will continue right from the beginning.

Questions related to growtopia

How to get clothes?

For getting the clothes you will have to collect them just like the items. You can also purchase them from the stores in exchange for the gems.

Do this game contains chest?

This game doesn’t contain any kind of chest in it and the items will not despawn in this game. After securing a location all you have to do is drop items when you are in need of storage.

How to use the door for blocking the wall?

When you will be blocking the house entrance all you have to do is combine the doors seed with the dungeon door seeds. You can also use the dead spikes with the dungeon door for getting the similar function but with a slight difference in aesthetics. All these items won’t allow players to link with other doors in the world but they can easily pass through the items.

What is the need for locking the world?

It is very important to lock the world of growtopia because there are other players who can easily steal your possessions. It also keeps the hooligans at bay and you should always keep a lock in your world by buying it from the stores.

What happens when you keep digging?

If you keep digging the world you will reach the last where you can find that the place is filled with lava or rocks. Make sure you are not stepping on this lava because you will immediately die if you do that so you will have to move the blocks very carefully at this places. If you keep digging, you can also get more seeds and rare items, you can also get them by using tools such as thatgamehack.

It is very important to continuously dig the soil for getting seeds. Every tree will have different time variations for getting harvested so you will need to keep yourself digging for getting more chance. In growtopia, one will be benefited with different items and features once they accomplish the previous stages and they can also use the growtopia cheats for gaining of resources like gems. But it is recommended not to completely depend on these cheats and create a strategy of their own. While using the cheats makes sure you trust a reliable site.

Seven New Smartphones. Same Old RIM

Research In Motion CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis discussed the future plans for the company with shareholders. The company has been increasingly losing market share to Android based phones as well as to Iphones. In terms of consumer market share by operating system, Android (36%) appears to be pulling way ahead of RIM Blackberry (23%) and Apple iOS (26%) according to the Neilson company.

Canada’s RIM no longer has the best hardware or operating system. They have lost their dominance over the Smartphone industry. RIM’s co-chairs tried to address recent concerns to shareholders. They shared plans for RIM to launch seven new BlackBerry Smarphones that will feature a revolutionary new operating system.

However, these plans may be more of the same from the company. BlackBerry OS 7 isn’t revolutionary and not on par with Apple’s iOS 5 or with Google’s upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Nor will the BB OS 7 support flash or Android Apps. The solutions suggested by the CEOs do not show initiative to change. As suggested by Lazaridis the new bold “jumps a generation”, yet will remain generations behind competing phones such as the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Much like Nokia, RIMs inability to take risks and change is bringing about their slow but steady decline. Google and Apple are both modern companies oozing with creativity from top to bottom. Letters have been published where RIM employees complain of a corporate culture where “It can take weeks of time to make small changes, and months to make major ones” and where “no one is accountable […] we will never achieve excellence with this culture.”

BlackBerry consumers often complain about the lack of apps which limit the functionality of the phone in comparison to Androids and iPhones. The letters also indicate this issue as it states , “We urgently need to invest like we never have before in becoming developer friendly” and that, “Developing for BlackBerry is painful […]Our SDK / development platform is like a rundown 1990’²s Ford Explorer. Then there’s Apple, which has a shiny new BMW M3”.

RIM’s seven new Smartphone’s running on BlackBerry OS 7 will bring forth some excitement and even moderate profit as loyal users will continue using their products. However, many will be disappointed again by the shortcomings. There is no doubt that RIM still has the capacity to change. Even though, stock prices are not what they used to be (2008: $148 / 2011: $27), RIM is still a marginally lucrative and profitable company. They are fortunate in having the financial resources to bring about change.

They need to ditch there gambles on BlackBerry OS 7 and focus on a new, QNX-powered superphone. QNX should be RIM’s future direction. QNX’s realtime operating system will allow their Smartphones to utilize an emulator to run Android apps. A QNX powered BlackBerry will allow users access to nearly all the same applications as their competitors while minting the phone off with the feel and conventionality of a traditional BlackBerry Smartphone. There is much optimism regarding RIM’s use of QNX. They have the capacity and capability to make it a reality. Anything short of a QNX powered Smartphone is a waste of time and they are only going to continue losing market share to superior competitors.


Sunny Freeman, The Canadian Press: RIM leaders acknowledge woes but sound defiant note at annual meeting; Yahoo! Canada Finance

Why is Clash of Clans so popular?

Clash of Clans is a freemium video game designed for mobile phones that have got gamers glued to the screens ever since it was released in the year 2012. The game is one of the most downloaded on both Android and my phone. The company which had developed the game makes revenue in millions per day. There are many reasons as to why Clash of Clans is very popular among gamers. The reasons are listed below:

Make new friends across the globe

There are many who have confessed that they have made friends from across the globe. The ones who are too shy to even talk to others can meet potential new people from various corners of the world using this gaming platform.

Coordination between your fingers and head

The game increases the coordination between your fingers and head, it makes sure that you stay very active for most of the time. You have to be very sharp and observing to save your troops from the attacks of outsiders.

Makes one think critically

The game actually makes you think critically to frame the strategy. There have been instances where the player would have played only for 1.5 hours but would have spent more than 3 hours just to think of the strategy using which he should attack.

The feeling of success and satisfaction

The game provides one with an amazing feeling of satisfaction of having safeguarded their clans. The graphics used in the game are so attractive and simple that even a 5-year-old can understand. The UI/UX design of the game is simply awesome. The units and special spells, for which I used a coc hack to get anyway, are gorgerous!

Can make you forget social networking

The game is designed to interact with fellow humans. Unlike the other games, where the players do not get a chance to interact with the fellow players of the team, this game makes sure that the players chitchat in between the sessions. Thus, it serves as a dual role of a social networking site as well as a gaming site. This makes the players even forget to log into their social media platforms.

No restart, No advertisements

The game is developed to be continuous in nature. Once you start playing this game, you would find that there is no restart to the game nor there are advertisements that pop up every now and then. A restart option is what pisses off the gamers. The developers have done a great job in eliminating that option.

Very engaging and constantly improving

There is no end to constant improvement. The game is so engaging and it never ends. One can keep upgrading, attacking and expanding their empire on and on. The idea of upgrading every time and the plan made to attack for the resources is what makes the players hooked on to the game.

Thus, it is very evident that the developers of this game have researched a lot before they had developed this game. The idea of including great features and eliminating boring features of the past record of the game is what has made this game a super hit and popular among all age groups.

8 Ball Pool: Introduction to Cues

Cues are a crucial element of 8 Ball Pool as you can’t play billiards without one. The game provides the players with an assortment of cues which are unique in the material used to craft them and also come in different shapes and sizes.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the cues available in the game. So, if you’re just starting out and not quite sure as to which cue will be the better choice for you, this article will make that decision easier for you.

How to purchase cues?

In the beginning, you’re provided with a Beginner Cue by the game. The Beginner Cue does a pretty decent job of helping you commence your pool career. But once you’ve gained some experience and wanted to win more games, you need to purchase a new cue to keep up. You can purchase a new cue from the Pool Shop by selecting the tab titled ‘Cues’ to look at the wide range of cues the app has to offer.

The cues can be classified into three categories based on their medium of purchase:

Standard Cues: These cues can be easily purchased with Pool Coins. There are currently 54 Standard Cues available for the players to choose from.

Premium Cues: Unlike the Standard Cues, Premium Cues possess better stats and require lower funds to recharge. They can be purchased with Pool Cash. At the moment, 32 Premium Cues are available in the game and you can only get them with coins from 8 ball pool hack ios.

Country Cues: Country Cues can also be obtained with the use of Pool Cash, but they’re more expensive (starting at 40 Pool Cash) than the Premium Cues. Currently, the game offers as many as 60 Country Cues in the Pool Shop for the players to purchase.

Cues with Powers

Initially, there was no way to find out which cue was better suited to a particular situation. But all that changed after an update in 2014 when Miniclip introduced a new feature titled ‘Cues with Powers.’

‘Cues with Powers’ make it incredibly easy for the player to determine which cue should be used in what situation.

While browsing through the list of cues in the shop, you will notice that each cue has four different attributes mentioned on the right-hand side of the screen. These are indicated by four bars marked with green. Therefore, each cue comes with unique statistics which makes it better suited to a particular shot than others. To give you a better idea of how these different attributes can affect your shot, they are described in details below:

Spin: This refers to the amount of spin you can add to your shot.

Aim: While taking a shot, each cue displays an aim-line to the players. This attribute determines the length of that aim-line.

Force: This refers to the amount of force you use on the ball.

Time: This indicates the amount of time you have to take a shot.

It is very important to select your cue by keeping these four attributes in mind.

This article provides an in-depth introduction to cues, and we hope that it will significantly increase your knowledge about the app.

How to Become a Smartphone Ninja

We’ve all seen them. They’re the highly productive ones in the office who sit at their computer and dance around their keyboards. They jump between programs with the flick of a finger. They cut and copy. They paste and pivot. All with the greatest of ease.

They’re the ones you go to when you’re having computer problems and you’re a bit envious that they get things done twice as quickly as you. If only you’d learned those tips, tricks and shortcuts…

Now, apply the same scenario to your smartphone.

In some ways the smartphone is replacing the PC and is well on its way to being the most-used device in human history. Think how many times you pull your phone out of your pocket to check the time, text someone, make a call, queue up some music, look at a map or check Facebook. The smartphone has replaced the calculator, the diary, the MP3 player, the media player, the GPS and the list is growing.

Think how good it would be if you could master your phone like those computer literate people have mastered their computers. Here are some examples to illustrate the point:

– On iPhones, did you know you can leave out the .com when entering URLs?
– On newer Nokia phones, did you know you can remotely lock your phone if it has been stolen?
– On Blackberrys, did you know there are dozens of keyboard shortcuts to save you time?

There are plenty of ways to learn these hidden tips and tricks. Here is a quick list:

– Read the manual, although this one’s a bit tedious!
– Browse discussion forums – Google search your phone name + the word “forum”
– Search Youtube for your phone name and the words “tips and tricks”
– Ask as friend that owns the same phone. They’re usually happy to show off their knowledge
– Simply play with your phone. Explore it’s menus. You won’t break it I promise
– The best method, however is to browse a dedicated tips and tricks website, like Phone Tips and Tricks who have compiled hundreds of tips for dozens of phones

Give the above list a try. You’ll really notice the productivity boost you’ll get when you really master your phone and learn to use it properly and efficiently.

Learn The Art Of Winning With Clash Royale Cheats

Have you ever wondered that some mobile gamers have unlimited of currencies which help them winning easily? You already have guessed that these are not purchased then how they get this? The answer to this question is generator tools. These tools help the user to get the desired no. of resources for playing. Clash Royale is a Smartphone game which is popular for its battle theme. Clash royale hack is the generator of this game which helps in building the powerful deck with ease. Most of the users of game use it for the purpose of easy success.

The method to win a battle is the strategy. First of all, build a strategy choosing your existing cards. Try to be easy with choosing cards because you may mess up while battle due to hard tactics. Keep a clear mind and choose troops to distract the enemy. Focus on the crown tower with other cards and attack on the enemy. This will destroy enemy deck without letting him know for a second. Keep on playing cards fast which will mess up the enemy in every way he can use. Fill the elixir fast using clash royale free gems and coins which you have generated through clash Royale Cheats.

Moreover; you have many other ways like purchasing powerful and rare cards with gems. Powerful cards can destroy the enemy in few seconds. You can also go in private battle with friends where you can shock those using rare cards. These cards are hard to find and no one knows that how they work so the enemy can’t guess you move. On the other hand, if you are not using any generator then you have come up with a simple strategy to kill the enemy. Always try to predict enemy move so you will be using the double powerful card then opponent.

MegaMan Battle Network 2

Now this video game is the second of six. Now that you learned how too use battle chips it gets a bit more complicated. The way you use battle chips is different in this one then the first one, and the storyline itself is different. That doesn’t mean that this was a bad game at all.

This game though it doesn’t follow the same storyline as the first one, it has all of his friends and such from the first one. The battle chips not only use a different system like I said earlier, but have different power levels and combinations then the first one too. When I say power levels I mean power levels, because see each chip has its own power level, and I believe in this game the chips overall power level is a little higher then the first one.

Anyway, this game starts out with Lan in school, and it is his last day before vacation. When you talk to one of your friends he tells you about the square, but this square isn’t in the real world it is on the net. You sign up have a blast and find out the real deal behind it. You can only get access to certain places on the net though your ranking I believe. These rankings are in the forum of licenses. You have to get all the was from Z to A.

There are only four so don’t worry. Z is the lowest and A is the highest. The licenses go as followed: Z, C, B, A, I believe. This game I guess I would give it a eight out of ten. I mean don’t get me wrong it did have a good storyline, but to me it lacked somewhat.

Personally I liked the first one a whole lot better then this one, but this one was still good. To me it seemed like they were taking a little break from the WWW, which they did without messing up the game to much. I mean do not get me wrong this game did real good for a game that is suppose to relate too the other five of its kind, but it could have done so much better I believe.

Like I said before all of the friends and everything is basically the same, there is just no WWW organization. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this maybe be the game that needs to be in the mix of other games to make the storyline make since in the end.

The Advantages of Injustice 2

Have you seen babies addict to chocolate? do everything but they will never leave. Well, Injustice 2 is the chocolate for today’s young kids who love to play games. This is extremely loved and rated the game on every platform. This is free to play the game and you don’t have to worry because if you stuck in between in this game due to gems then you can get Injustice 2 free gems just by using Injustice 2 hack. For a beginner, the game is awesome because he is still playing in tutorials.  He doesn’t need to do much for winning a combat but as per increase in level; the game will be tough and hard. Start playing this game and learn from its tutorial but if you have trouble then use this. This tool is specially made just for those gamers who don’t get tricks like other players get through playing.

Advantage of Injustice 2 Hack

You may have wondered that some products are so shiny and look amazing in this store but those products are not worth using because they are not that good. So the same thing is with the online tools. Most of the tools claim that they are best and they act like they have the most advanced security. Well, don’t go for these kinds of sites because most of them are the hoax. Injustice 2 hack is the most famous site because this site offers you all the required features. The first feature this site provides is using it online instead of downloading it. You just have to visit the site and use it there. The benefit of this tool is that you can keep your device safe from unwanted viruses and files. The sites who offer to download their app always have ads and stuff which will keep on killing storage in your device.

The other feature it provides is of keeping your gaming account safe from getting discontinued from playing this game. When a person accesses his gaming account from any generator then there are lots of chances that account will be traced manipulating game server. Most of the chances are gamer account will be banned. This tool has the feature of securing your account from getting banned and its name is anti-ban.

Other website tools don’t provide the coins, gems, and SIM in free but injustice 2 hacks will provide you this in free. The number of currency this tool can provide is beyond your imagination so this is much helpful than others.

You can use this anytime and anywhere. This tool can be used 24*7 and this tool is compatible with every device’s web browser.

Process Of Hacking

You just have to use some of your gaming information to get coins and gems. Username is required in the first column and on the other side, you will see an option for the device. Here you have to choose your platform and then you are done entering your information. Now you have to enter the no. of coins first. Then choose how much gems you want and in the last column enter the no. of SIM.

Click on Generate button and have some patience. So you have your desired number of gems in your account. Using this tool is so necessary because you are a beginner and you can’t reach the level of other players without using it. Most of the players use this kind of tool so that they can win this game easily.


This is the important thing which you can’t ignore while getting Injustice 2 free gems. If you don’t take precaution then you can lose this game as well as your account. The burning question which comes in mind “is this really safe?” Yes, this is really safe but if you don’t use precaution then this is not.  The first precaution is not going out from given safety lines. Second thing tries incognito mode which will hide your IP address. The third thing doesn’t play injustice 2 while using this tool otherwise you will be caught using this generator and in the result, your account will be discontinued.

In the nutshell, the information for you is that this tool work in order to help you if you are a needy. This tool encrypts your private information and use all that to access game and perform some coding. In few minutes you will be helped by getting thousand of gems and coins.

5 Video Game Movies that Are as Kick-Ass as the Games They’re Made From

Video game movies are usually synonymous with bad movies, but although most games gone “box office” are true to this stereotype, there are several game movies that fit the bill. Following are 5 very good movies based on very good games.
Mortal Kombat (1995)

The Mortal Kombat movie did several things very well; it combined the awesomeness of 90’s sweaty action with senseless punching and kicking and stayed relatively loyal to the Mortal Kombat game’s story line. The Mortal Kombat movie had relatively nice graphics, considering that it was made in 1995, and in addition to being a great action driven movie, the Mortal Kombat movie gave birth to one of the most epic video game anthems ever; the Mortal Kombat Theme Song.

Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie (1994)

Despite the countless horrible Street Fighter movies that came by way of bad Street Fighter game adaptations (and greed,) Street Fighter fans finally got a game movie they could rave about in the form of Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie. Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie was an action packed anime Street Fighter adaptation of epic proportions. Not only did Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie stay within the realms of Street Fighter lore, it also shed light on Ken and Ryu’s path and the corrupted Akuma.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)

After watching Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within, I just about lost faith in Final Fantasy team’s ability to create cinema… until I was introduced to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Before Advent Children I’ve never seen a movie with better CG and everything else about this movie was on point. Advent Children had a very compelling story, kickass action, and features lots of cameos from our most beloved Final Fantasy VII characters.

Tron: Legacy (2010)

Unlike most of these other movies that had prequels that bombed, I actually rather enjoyed the original Tron movie – In fact, I wondered if the latest Tron installment would be able to hold up to the original. Tron is a pretty basic video game, but it’s an all-time favorite and the latest Tron movie more than justifies its right alongside the original Tron movie and game – and added another dimension to the Tron franchise.

Everything Resident Evil

While most video game movies are notorious for shoveling out complete crap, Resident Evil movies are revered as great movies all around. Much like the Resident Evil games, the Resident Evil movies are suspenseful, filled with action, and never disappoint. Resident Evil is likely the only game movie series that is guaranteed to be a box office smash – and for good reasons.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Game – Designed To Entertain You!

Konami Developers delivered the next successful good mobile game called Yu-Gi-Oh Duel links. This will be the great app that satisfies you with all gaming needs. There are more and more interesting and surprising features are designed in this game so it will entertain you well. Chain attacks and trap cards attract you throughout your gameplay. This game was designed with the set of cards available for you and helps to challenge all players. You need to know more about the tactics to play with better strategies. If you play in online, it makes your battle more convenient and better to play. Using these hacking links you can acquire necessary points to your profile and it is completely possible through these Yu-Gi-Oh duel links. Initially, your game will start with few life points from 8000 to 4000 and it seems disappointing but on further game plays you will get to know how it works. Even this game looks cool and interesting to play on your mobile devices and it also feels more natural to play on small devices. This all new Yu-Gi-Oh game have been designed with more interesting features and marvelous graphics which tempts to play more game and this game is unbeatable. This game’s developers realized and know every expectation of the game lovers and designed all the game characters and anime perfectly.

All kind of 3D’s and artistic backgrounds scored well with beautiful touches for all new generations. You can see those cards and when you unleash them; all the monsters will pop out in your game. The game was designed with super cool effects and it will show up when you activate your magic cards. The sequences of master attacks and all environments look perfect and admiring. These features make the game looks real and lively en though you’re playing with the screen.

How does this cool hack tool help in your gameplay?

Your game seems to be getting tough when you are in search of coins and gems and everybody don’t want to spend their hard earned money in a game to level up but you will get stuck in the middle of your gameplay. It’s not at all an easy task to gain more coins and gems and everyone needs a perfect hack or cheat tool to get something to speed up their game. Finally, after hearing all these queries and wants, many sites released their real and working Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack – Unlimited Free Gems & Gold which can provide you with unlimited gems and coins. These hacks have been created and released by the group of wonderful and talented hackers. This tool is totally available for free of cost and it just needs an active internet connection.

Free to use Hacks to level up your game!

The generator gives you all the necessary needs and helps you to continue your game with the same josh. You can simply use this tool by following the instructions. This exciting Yu-Gi-Oh Duel links hack tool will helps you to generate the excessive amount of coins and gems of your choice directly into your account on time. This game is actually a famous game with all new features which also comes with hack tool which develops your game into the fun and easy mode. This gold and gems generator tool run so smoothly in your browser with an active internet connection and it is very simple to get into it by just typing your username. By entering the needed amount of resources, it will get easily generated and transferred into your account. This tool is also secured so you can use it safely because it works on a good proxy support.